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256TC backup program.69 views256TC backup program running, 98% complete. Both new drives are functioning.
Viatel VDU circuit (top)1384 viewsThis was fitted to standard Microbee models to allow the correct resolution for Viatel to be displayed. Premium models had this built in.
Floppyio115 viewsFloppyio1 with the cover
Closeup of monochrome CGA mod54 viewsAn extra IC is installed to provide the CGA output. This is a 74LS08 quad 2 input AND gate, configured to buffer 5 video signals (R,G,B, Vsync, Hsync). These signals are wired to a 9 pin D connector with pinouts as per the Premium CGA connector
Boot and root directory listing109 views
Super-80 with VDUEB194 views
Super-80 IC Packaging166 viewsCardboard box and styrofoam sheets
Disk Controller MB8317207 views

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Alpha Plus Keyboard Label1 viewsThis label was unearthed at a microbee archeological dig.
It all looks Chinese to me!
May 25, 2016
The power connector2 viewsSomething has obviously gone wrong here in the past too. Could this damage be related to the blown tantalum capacitor in the power supply? This Main board connector is not polarised so perhaps this is what happens when it's plugged in the wrong way around? The red wire contact is almost completely missing inside.May 24, 2016
Cleanup completed6 viewsThe board is now finally cleared of all components with significant corrosion damage and the area thoroughly cleaned remove any remaining nasties. The silkscreen in this area was no longer really attached and simply washed away during the cleanup. I also removed the remaining IC sockets for good measure.

Fear not - we can rebuild him!
May 24, 2016
Cleanup WIP5 viewsPart way through removing corroded components and cleaning up the board. The battery has done a good job of detaching the silkscreen component overlay as well.May 24, 2016
Battery removed6 viewsLooks even worse with the battery removed. Bringing this machine back to life won't be easy or quick.May 24, 2016
Leaky battery5 viewsZooming in on the battery, it has clearly leaked at some point in the past leaving a surrounding zone of green coloured corrosion and faded or absent IC labels. Oh dear :-(May 24, 2016
Power supply before restoration9 viewsThe power supply, as received. The yellow tantalum capacitor on the left is half missing and somewhat charred inside.May 24, 2016
Main board before restoration6 viewsThe main internals, as received. I suspect the duct tape EPROM covers might not be original.May 24, 2016