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Expansion Box321 viewsA custom built box made from galvanised steel and painted matt black (nice!). Power supply on the left, BeeBoard on the right. The Beeboard included extra serial and parallel ports, which I presented thru the usual D connections on the front panel. The serial port chips were never installed or wired. The small veroboard at the right was a mod/fix of some kind but can't remember exactly what it did...yet
Super-80 with 4164 rams206 views
Dream 6800 complete collection180 viewsPic by Rod Jenkins
My small Dell Netbook plugged into the Floppyio unit150 viewsLight, compact and easily transported.
Megabee Mk1 Hardware102 views
Dream 6800/6802 hex keypad PCB design206 viewskeyboard can use vintage keypad from original, or individual cherry mx key switches. optionally cut off speaker and socket half for a smaller PCB. optional position for Reset and Fn keys. also can be wired for Fn-Reset to prevent accidental Reset. considering more key switch type options.
256TC Serial#21118479 viewsMicroBee 256TC serial#211184 on the test bench, version 1.20 boot rom.
Machine is to be refurbished with new floppy drives, and a new case top.
2013 Refurb - Completed Clockboard (bottom view)64 viewsCompleted mods for change to Microbee IC specs

Last additions
256TC PAL Silver11 views256TC PAL "silver" 14L8 being read as a "16KB ROM"Jan 30, 2015
Closeup of monochrome CGA mod16 viewsAn extra IC is installed to provide the CGA output. This is a 74LS08 quad 2 input AND gate, configured to buffer 5 video signals (R,G,B, Vsync, Hsync). These signals are wired to a 9 pin D connector with pinouts as per the Premium CGA connectorJan 26, 2015
Motherboard view19 viewsA standard motherboard with a custom mod added by the previous owner to provide a monochrome CGA output. You can just see the 9 pin CGA connector emerging from a spare case hole at the top rightJan 26, 2015
Coreboard view16 viewsA standard dynamic RAM coreboard with 64K RAM installedJan 26, 2015
Microbee 64K CIAB21 viewsSpruced up and looking good! Jan 26, 2015
Amust/NEC Keyboard controller board91 viewsNov 30, 2014
Amust/NEC Keyboard back panel17 viewsNov 30, 2014
My Amust Executive 81630 viewsNote: The No. 4 keytop is missingNov 30, 2014