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Source of the Smoke110 views
Serial plate on bottom of unit175 views
Colour and main board478 viewsMB1217 Colour board attached to the standard main board.
Power Supply324 viewsA custom built power supply that ran the Microbee, Beeboard and 5.25" floppy drive. The large transformer was also custom built and hand wound! There are some hefty heatsinks on the back panel which can't be seen here. It was a simple set of separate linear power supplies, one for each of the voltages needed and running from multiple transformer windings.
Dream 6800 complete collection189 viewsPic by Rod Jenkins
Extra key-switch installed for right-shift295 viewsI had two spare keytops in my kit, not sure if this will be the case for everyone?
Installed one of them in the circled position to better support the long, right-shift key.
The keytop will mate with both key-switches.
ETI-733 RTTY Decoder kit999 views
Keyswitch final stage (2/2)25 views

Last additions
256TC backup program.9 views256TC backup program running, 98% complete. Both new drives are functioning.Apr 30, 2015
256TC - 2 disk drives7 views2 drives installed in a 256TC, It's a bit squeezy!Apr 30, 2015
Floppy drive cable for 256TC5 viewsFloppy drive cable for 256TC - Wires 10,11,12 are swapped over for the Drive#A (0) connector.Apr 30, 2015
256TC PAL Silver20 views256TC PAL "silver" 14L8 being read as a "16KB ROM"Jan 30, 2015
Closeup of monochrome CGA mod25 viewsAn extra IC is installed to provide the CGA output. This is a 74LS08 quad 2 input AND gate, configured to buffer 5 video signals (R,G,B, Vsync, Hsync). These signals are wired to a 9 pin D connector with pinouts as per the Premium CGA connectorJan 26, 2015
Motherboard view29 viewsA standard motherboard with a custom mod added by the previous owner to provide a monochrome CGA output. You can just see the 9 pin CGA connector emerging from a spare case hole at the top rightJan 26, 2015
Coreboard view27 viewsA standard dynamic RAM coreboard with 64K RAM installedJan 26, 2015
Microbee 64K CIAB30 viewsSpruced up and looking good! Jan 26, 2015