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Microbee/Mitac Portable PC91 viewsMicrobee's first DOS PC with Mitac of Taiwan
My Applix 1616779 viewsWhat an ugly beast !
Disk Controller & Memory Expansion cards in place93 views
Expansion Box223 viewsA custom built box made from galvanised steel and painted matt black (nice!). Power supply on the left, BeeBoard on the right. The Beeboard included extra serial and parallel ports, which I presented thru the usual D connections on the front panel. The serial port chips were never installed or wired. The small veroboard at the right was a mod/fix of some kind but can't remember exactly what it did...yet
BeeTalker105 views
Standard coreboard172 viewsAs supplied
Running .cmd file32 views

Last additions
MegaBee Mk2 installed10 viewsInstalled into the Beeboard case. The SD card has now been moved to a separate module that's installed at the top of the case and projects through to the front for easy card swaps. The MegaBee itself is mounted below that and connected to the SD module via a short 6-way ribbon cable. A USB socket is also mounted next to the SD card for MegaBee programmingMar 02, 2014
2013 Refurb - Completed Beeboard installed in case12 viewsCompleted and back in the original case. The MegaBee daughter card is also installed at the right, with cabling running externally to the MegaBee unit for now. Currently waiting on parts so that the MegaBee can be permanently installed in here tooFeb 15, 2014
2013 Refurb - Completed Beeboard (top view)14 viewsCompleted Beeboard. The Z80 SIO and serial port components are not installed as I don't think I'll ever need them. The PIO is ready for installation but I don't have one ATM. All floppy disk interface components are replaced by headers for the MegaBee daughter cardFeb 15, 2014
2013 Refurb - Completed Beeboard (bottom view)1348 viewsCompleted Beeboard. A few mods includedFeb 15, 2014
MegaBee Mk234 viewsAttached to the BeeBoard and emulating a floppy drive. Successful boot to CP/MJan 25, 2014
2013 Refurb - Completed Motherboard Mods29 viewsAll mods tidied up and ready for reassemblyDec 28, 2013
2013 Refurb - Coreboard Header 220 viewsNew coreboard header installed on the motherboardDec 28, 2013
2013 Refurb - Coreboard Header 117 viewsNew coreboard header installed on the coreboardDec 28, 2013