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A minute change for a major improvement56 viewsThis keyboard has the correct typewriter stagger and I bet you didn't even notice it!
"Let your fingers do the walking!"

Yet another bee without its top cover.
Closeup Disk Controller Card - front left361 views
Moisture Monitoring Card42 viewsSMD Moisture Monitoring Card
Amust/NEC Keyboard controller board164 views
Teleterm Badge144 views
B-ETI Coreboard close up - bottom86 viewsCouple of cut tracks and a couple links put in.
Video diodes and resistors46 views56k Mainboard closeup of video diodes and resistors
My small Dell Netbook plugged into the Floppyio unit188 viewsLight, compact and easily transported.

Last additions
New Personality Plugs3 viewsThe personality socket on my upgraded programmer now has some amended pin mappings. These are the new personality plugs needed to suit those mappings.Jan 08, 2017
Address Generator Upgrade3 viewsThis module now replaces the original CMOS 4040B address generator IC, increasing the programmer's address range from 12 to 14 bits.Jan 08, 2017
Upgraded ETI-668 EPROM Programmer2 viewsMy programmer has now been upgraded to add support for additional EPROM types and extend the maximum EPROM address range from 4KB (12 bits) to 16KB (14 bits).Jan 08, 2017
External phone line18 viewsThe external phone line comes out via a small cutout above and to the left of the power socketDec 04, 2016
Modem controls17 viewsThe hand piece plugs into the PHONE socket.Dec 04, 2016
Internal modem15 viewsInternal modem showing the Phone line cable plugged into modem and running to the small cutout in the case above the Power socket.Dec 04, 2016
Modem and core board20 viewsModem lifted up and the 25 way plug of the modem shows the rainbow cable going under the coreboard to the main board serial port.Dec 04, 2016
Keyboard adapter20 viewsThe keyboard adapter is tucked under the keyboard on a small bracket with the rainbow cable connecting it to the mainboard.Dec 04, 2016