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A set of completed keyswitches239 viewsThe result of a few hours on the keyswitch production line
Left side of Coreboard (internal modem removed)112 views
256TC Serial#21118498 viewsMicroBee 256TC serial#211184 on the test bench, version 1.20 boot rom.
Machine is to be refurbished with new floppy drives, and a new case top.
Unusual video output4 viewsCan you identify what's different?
6875 substitute clock PCB design99 viewsnot the same as the version in EA Aug '79. completed but untested
Power Supply333 viewsA custom built power supply that ran the Microbee, Beeboard and 5.25" floppy drive. The large transformer was also custom built and hand wound! There are some hefty heatsinks on the back panel which can't be seen here. It was a simple set of separate linear power supplies, one for each of the voltages needed and running from multiple transformer windings.
Microbee EPROM Programmer709 views
Rear view showing all the Applix's output ports133 views

Last additions
pbuff 3.2 4K ROM screen with version details3 viewsthis is from a 4K ver 3.2 ROM at the page starting from $0E00 in the upper half of the 4K EPROM.
the lower half of the EPROM is ver 2.2.
Oct 02, 2015
pbuff 3.2 rev E inside layout with C2P1 daughter board4 viewsthis is the layout I used in my pbuff 3.2 rev E. note there are several main parts missing. no transformer, no Z80 CPU. this will be reinstalled into a new standard plastic case during the restore. the layout will be rotated 90 deg clockwise like the original and the centronics plugs will be flipped upside down to remove the twist in the ribbon inside the case. a db25 will be added for the output instead of directly running the ribbon out between the centronics plugs on the back panel,Oct 02, 2015
pbuff 3.2 oohey gooey in ROM2 viewsDon McKenzie's little ditty hiding inside the ROM dump.Oct 02, 2015
pbuff 3.2 rev E front panel layout3 viewsthis is the front panel layout I used for my pbuff 3.2. this is not the recommended case, but a metal one.
when I restore it the green LED will be removed, and a red illuminated mains power switch installed instead. the layout will be more like the original; the right hand knob is a rotary A-B switch to select which computer input to use. I might use a toggle switch during restore because this one is a bit mushy now.
Oct 02, 2015
pbuff 3.2 C2P1 back panel layout1 viewsthis is the back panel of my pbuff 3.2 with C2P1 centronics connectors. the rusted connectors will be replaced when I restore it. the small button is the test button and will be moved to the front during the restore.Oct 02, 2015
screen shot of pbuff 3.2 4K page 13 viewsthis is a screen shot from my EPROM reader showing the content of page 1 of the PBUFF 3.2 4K EPROM. I don't actually recall where I got this 4K EPROM from because it's been ~30 years since I built it. it might have been removed during an update to 8K EPROM.Oct 02, 2015
Unusual video output4 viewsCan you identify what's different?Sep 29, 2015
Deformed Keyboard Donut4 viewsHere is an unusually deformed Keyboard Donut.Sep 28, 2015