Microbee-MSPP Photo Gallery

Photos of Microbee and other vintage Australian microcomputers

High tech keyswitch assembly jig318 viewsUsing a keyswitch adapter PCB as a template, I drilled 3x 1mm holes in a piece of timber to hold the PCB pins straight
High tech keyswitch assembly jig292 viewsI then just added the PCB and soldered the 2 pins at the right. To ensure both pin collars were hard up against the board, I used a screwdriver to apply pressure to the centre of the board and just remelted the solder. The 3rd pin is not soldered, it just helps to hold the board in position
Completed keyswitch281 viewsI used the keyboard frame to temporarily hold each switch vertical while the adapter board was attached, using the same solder/ screwdriver pressure/remelt technique to ensure a tight PCB fit to the keyswitch base
A set of completed keyswitches288 viewsThe result of a few hours on the keyswitch production line
Baseboard assembly - stage 1315 viewsMost of the passive components installed
Baseboard assembly - stage 2349 viewsPassives complete, all IC sockets installed, all current ECOs applied. I decided to install a complete set of IC sockets to enable any future inspirational tinkering :-)
Baseboard assembly - stage 3333 viewsPower supply and minimal keyboard installed
Baseboard assembly - stage 4329 viewsRemaining keyswitches added and all ICs installed
Baseboard complete371 viewsKeyboard now complete and baseboard installed in case
Standard coreboard347 viewsAs supplied
Coreboard with physical FDC361 viewsCoreboard with the optional physical FDC kit added
Coreboard installed489 viewsCoreboard installed, just case assembly left to go
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