Microbee-MSPP Photo Gallery

Photos of Microbee and other vintage Australian microcomputers

256TC damage in Battery area381 viewsSome minor track damage in the Battery area on the motherboard.
Looks physical rather than chemical damage.
Battery appears to have been removed before any leakage!
256TC Motherboard156 views
256TC Serial#211184172 viewsMicroBee 256TC serial#211184 on the test bench, version 1.20 boot rom.
Machine is to be refurbished with new floppy drives, and a new case top.
256TC backup program.129 views256TC backup program running, 98% complete. Both new drives are functioning.
Floppy drive cable for 256TC87 viewsFloppy drive cable for 256TC - Wires 10,11,12 are swapped over for the Drive#A (0) connector.
256TC - 2 disk drives113 views2 drives installed in a 256TC, It's a bit squeezy!
256TC PAL Silver103 views256TC PAL "silver" 14L8 being read as a "16KB ROM"
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