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Dream 6802 Case151 viewsThis is the Dream 6802 I bought on eBay in 2008, originally in non-working condition.
Dream 6802 PCB by RIE bottom scan2486 viewsX-Ray like scan of the bottom side of the RIE 6802 PCB.
Dream 6802 PCB top overlay218 viewstop of the Dream 6802 PCB by RIE with all wiring removed for clarity. note the hot melt glue on the jumpers to keep them apart.
Dream 6802 PCB top scan574 viewsX-ray like scan of the top side of the RIE 6802 PCB.
Dream 6800/6802 PCB design310 viewsdesign can accommodate 6800/6802, 2708/2716/2732, 6875/74123/substitute clock and all known options and fixes from numerous Dreamer and EA articles. artwork completed but untested.
No hi-res option without hacking.
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