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Dream 6802 Case155 viewsThis is the Dream 6802 I bought on eBay in 2008, originally in non-working condition.
Dream 6802 PCB by RIE bottom scan2492 viewsX-Ray like scan of the bottom side of the RIE 6802 PCB.
Dream 6802 PCB top overlay228 viewstop of the Dream 6802 PCB by RIE with all wiring removed for clarity. note the hot melt glue on the jumpers to keep them apart.
Dream 6802 PCB top scan580 viewsX-ray like scan of the top side of the RIE 6802 PCB.
Dream 6800/6802 PCB design319 viewsdesign can accommodate 6800/6802, 2708/2716/2732, 6875/74123/substitute clock and all known options and fixes from numerous Dreamer and EA articles. artwork completed but untested.
No hi-res option without hacking.
6875 substitute clock PCB design210 viewsnot the same as the version in EA Aug '79. completed but untested
Dream 6800/6802 hex keypad PCB design351 viewskeyboard can use vintage keypad from original, or individual cherry mx key switches. optionally cut off speaker and socket half for a smaller PCB. optional position for Reset and Fn keys. also can be wired for Fn-Reset to prevent accidental Reset. considering more key switch type options.
Dream 6800/6802 Power Supply PCB design219 viewsthis one has +5V 3A, +12V 1A, -5V 1A, -12V 1A.
older prototype without -12V completed and tested.
artwork completed.
prototype PSU for Dream 6800/6802284 viewshome made PCB with +5V 3A, -5V 1A, 12V 1A regulators. +5V uses 2576T-ADJ. tested on bench with 2A load with no signs of overheating. standard 78xx for the other voltages.
new version will have additional -12V with only slightly larger PCB.
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