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Deformed Keyboard Donut65 viewsHere is an unusually deformed Keyboard Donut.
Dream 6802 Case155 viewsThis is the Dream 6802 I bought on eBay in 2008, originally in non-working condition.
Dream 6800/6802 hex keypad PCB design351 viewskeyboard can use vintage keypad from original, or individual cherry mx key switches. optionally cut off speaker and socket half for a smaller PCB. optional position for Reset and Fn keys. also can be wired for Fn-Reset to prevent accidental Reset. considering more key switch type options.
20-07-12 Keyboard adapter soldering jig1522 viewsTo solder up the keyswitch adapters, I used an old piece of scrap experimenter board with a female 40pin connector mounted.
This makes it very easy to keep the pins perfectly straight whilst soldering the tiny board.
TIP: Solder one leg, then with a small screwdriver, press directly between the two pins while re-flowing the solder on the first leg. The tiny board will then be sitting flush on the header. Solder the second pin, wait 5 seconds, then remove :o)
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