About this Wiki



The aim of this Wiki is to store and provide easy access to any information, documentation or reference material that is relevant to the scope of the MSPP. While the content here is largely intended for the use of MSPP members, it is also publicly available for anyone else with an interest in early Australian computers, and particularly the Microbee.


The information published in this Wiki is assembled and maintained by MSPP members. There are many gaps left to fill and potentially inaccurate or incomplete information that has already been published which can be improved. Any members with relevant information, pictures, ideas or any other material that they would like to contribute are encouraged to contact the Wiki Administrator.  


The MSPP has a small group of Editors who are responsible for reviewing all new material prior to publication. We look for such things as relevance, accuracy, quality, consistency etc and generally try to keep the Wiki content organised and logical. While our aim is to publish as much contributed material as possible, we do reserve the right to edit, tweak, reformat or in extreme cases, potentially deny publication of any or all parts of any Wiki contribution.  


The information published in this Wiki is provided and maintained by volunteer MSPP members with the best of intentions and for the benefit of all. We make no guarantee that everything you read here is accurate or complete, but we've done our best.