Microbee Newsletter Listing Catalogue


12 Tone This program written in Microsoft Basic will only be of interest to musicians who are familiar with Arnold Schoenberg's 12 tone composition technique. Daniel Kaan BEELINE 6 10 4 to 9
17th Line This machine language routine fits in the spare screen space, and when called transfers the string AØ$ to the 17th line. Adrian van Wierst CMUG - 6 7 & 8
18 Lines in Basic With is small program you can get an extra 2 lines to the screen when in Basic. Simon Carter CATCHER 7 3 15
3D Plot Draws one of seven different 3D plots on the screen. ? BEELINE 6 11 34 & 35
3D Surface Plotter 3-D surface plotter for C. Itoh printer, with M/L subroutines called from Basic. Graeme Young CATCHER 3 3 11 to 13"
3-DIM It draws a cube on the screen and rotates it. ? BEELINE 5 4 5
3D-Net Is a more flexible banner plotter. You may design your own letter styles and you may underline words or letters in your banner. Richard Larkin BEELINE 5 3 16 & 17
6545 Experimenter BASIC program that allows you to change the 6545 registers. Andy Hardy AUSBUG 1 1 7
80x24 Screen An Assembly Language PCG program for the 80 x 24 Screen. Harry Purvis BEELINE 4 2 13 to 19
A Drunkard's Walk A graphic simulation of a classic problem in(drunkard) random motion. Paul Shannon CATCHER 6 10 12
ACSII to Wordstar This is designed to convert an ASCII text file into a Wordstar format file with paragraphs that can be re-formed by ctrl-B. Both MBASIC & MWB listings. Eric Burrie PROMPT 2 4 20 & 21
Adcon Microbee program for the Analog to Digital Converter in Electronics Australia July 1986 P98. Paul Pavluk CATCHER 6 4 6 & 17
Afghani Roulette A small Basic program simulating scheherazade's tale. Julian Ophel CATCHER 8 3 15
Aircraft Parts Lists the parts of an aircraft as requested. Brian Horrocks AUSBUG 2 3 - 4 35 & 36
Algebra This program will print random algebra problems for oral classroom use. Paul Shannon CATCHER 5 4 6 to 8
Alphabetic Sequences In this exercise, I will type an alphebetic sequence and you must supply the next letter. Alan Laughton CATCHER 5 3 3 & 4
Anagram Calculate and print all anagrams of letters entered. A Turbo Pascal program. Ted Harper BEELINE 6 11 8 & 9
Animate An animation demonstration of a stick figure, using PCG's. Hans Enklaar BEELINE 2 10 9
Antonyms This is an exercise in antonyms. In this program, I will give you a word and you will give one to me that is opposite in meaning (that is, an antonym). Alan Laughton CATCHER 4 2 11 to 13
Array A simple program for demonstration of Multi—dimensional arrays. K O Johnson PROMPT 2 5 4
Asteroid Belt A one line BASIC game. Mark Bishop CATCHER 2 6_7 4
Auto-running Basic 6.22e Program to allow the user to auto-boot BASIC programs from CP/M using Microworld Basic version 6.22e. Doug Bax MUGSA 86 3 6
Baby Bounce A game where you have to save the babies from falling off the highrise. Alan Laughton CATCHER 4 6 9
BA-EP A Basic program that converts BeeArtistic (BA) files to Electric Paintbrush (EP) files. Frank Jones CATCHER 7 2 11 & 12
Banner To print banners using standard or special *.FON font files to your Serial or Parallel printer. J Arnold BEELINE 5 4 6 & 7
BAS Lores A program that provided Microbee LORES graphics in MBASIC Mark Bishop CATCHER 5 10 12 & 13
Base N Base N to Base N conversion program. Mal Watt MUGSA 85 4 4
Basic Checksum This program will generate a checksum of each line of Basic and added at the end when LLIST'ed. Applied Technology CATCHER 3 11 5 & 6
BASIC Shell An outline program shell which you load before starting to write a new program. The semi-automatic saving of the program is very useful. Russell Crosser CATCHER 4 9 15 & 16
Battleships The computer hides 5 ships on a 10 by 10 grid and you will attempt to find and destroy them. Has good use of PCG graphics. Alan Goodison CATCHER 4 11 11 to 13
Baudot Printer A program to output a page of 14 lines from the screen to the printer in Baudot code for printing programs. ? CATCHER 1 11 3 to 6
Bee Clock Displays Time and Date on top line of screen if clock is fitted. Tested with MWBasic v6.22, 6.23 & 6.28. Elbert van Bommel CATCHER 5 8 14
Bee Sound Is a low level machine language subroutine that can be called from BASIC or used in machine language programs. A wide variety of sound effects can be created by altering the five sound parameters which determine the sound. Russell & Darren Sharp CATCHER 1 10 7 to 9
BeeArtistic to Basic Converter Beeartistic Graphic Picture Loader for BASIC use via the GRSAVE command. As a result, the pictures can be reloaded into BASIC with the GRLOAD command. Doug Bax MUGSA 86 11 10
Benchmark A simple benchmark written by David Ahl to test computational speed, accuracy and the random number generator in BASIC. Kevin Burrows MUGSA 84 12 2
Big Letter Prints Big letters, including control keys. Bob Allanson MUGSA 86 2 15
Blackjack The card game of Blackjack for multiple players. Peter Collins CATCHER 3 6 18 to 21
Blok3D Interactive program that produces a perspective view of a 3D object. Source-BYTE Nov 82 Barry Neal CATCHER 1 8 9 & 10
Body Mass Index Computes the body mass index using the following formula - BMI = Weight in Kilograms / (Height in Metres squared). Harry Purvis BEELINE 4 4 13 to 15
Boggle The computer picks a number between 0 and 5555 and you have to guess that number in the leaset number of tries. Peter Collins CATCHER 3 5 18 & 19
Bomber Raider - Modifications Add extra features to Bomber Raider. Garry Smith AUSBUG 1 1 11
Bouncing Ball This is a computer simulation of a Bouncing Ball. Kevin Burrows MUGSA 85 2 10 & 11
Calendar Works out the Julian Date then day of the week for dates from 1700 AD. Can be modified to calculate days between two dates. Barry Neal CATCHER 1 8 13
Card Shuffle A routine to shuffle cards in BASIC. Roger Cooper AUSBUG 1 6 18
Cassette Copy Program As the title, you need a cassette player and a cassette recorder. H Gibson AUSBUG 2 3 - 4 34
Cassette Copy Program Assembler program used by AUSBUG to copy their master tapes. ? AUSBUG 2 3 - 4 39
Cassette File Cards Lets you print out Cassette Labels on an Admate DP-80 printer. Michael Quinn AUSBUG 2 3 - 4 33 & 34
Cassette Tester Help testing load of cassettes. H Gibson AUSBUG 1 3 11
Cassette Tester This assembly language program is designed to test the performance of a cassette deck hooked up to the Microbee. H. Gibson CMUG - 2 4
Catlist2 This program is designed to work with MAST.CAT, which is a catalog of CP/M files produced by CATM.COM. Its purpose is to only list a file once and note how many other copies exist. It prints two columns per page. Mike Hobby CATCHER 5 4 9 & 10
Cellular Automata An Uphill Muginnstuff program to show production of Sierpinski's gasket by a Cellular Automata method. Julian Ophel PROMPT 1 7 24 & 25
Cellular Automata 2 Many of the mathematical techniques used here are demonstrated using properties of the Sierpinski triangle and it's 'mappings' and 'transforms'. Julian Ophel PROMPT 1 8 22 & 23
Cents to Pence A simple program to convert Australian Cents to English Pence. K O Johnson PROMPT 2 5 12
CGRAPH This program creates COLUMN graphs. The HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL axies are both labled and the multiplication factor is placed at the top of the vertical axis. C Jenkins CATCHER 4 9 4 & 5
Checksum A checksum is calculated and displayed when entering or listing BASIC program lines. Julian Loke CATCHER 4 5 10 to 12
Checksum v2.3 Update of the Basic listing Checksum program. Julian Loke CATCHER 5 6 3 to 5
Christmas 1990 Draws a Christmas scene in LORES. Uses PCG Enlarger by Garry Smith. K O Johnson PROMPT 1 3 24 & 25
Chrsets A program to print out a decimal/ASCII chart to a parallel printer. It prints out ASCII characters 0 to 31 as well as 127 - 255. Simon Carter CATCHER 6 12 3
Circle A Basic program to work out the arches required on a bricklaying course, the accuracy was not of great importance and if the measurements are in centimeters it will be a handy program. K O Johnson PROMPT 1 9 19
Circles & Spirals Demo Circles and Spirals graphics drawing demonstration. Colin Tringham BEELINE 1 3 19
Class Results Store class room results on the computer. Steve Ford AUSBUG 1 6 12 to 15
Class Results - Erratum Modification to allow students to be added later during the year. Steve Ford AUSBUG 2 1 4
Clear the Screen Programs to Clear the Screen in Radar, Scroll up or Scroll right type. R. Cotter BEELINE 3 6 9
Clock This program puts a 12 hour clock on the 17th line of the screen if you have a clock fitted. Glenn Satchell BEELINE 2 9 10 to 13
Clock This Digital Clock Program is a re-written version of the program in May 83 ETI, originally by M.J.Henessy, Lae, PNG, and as listed here, it has several features not available in the original. Tony Lynch CMUG - 6 17 & 18
Coast Watcher A game where you have been given the most important task of defending the coast against sneak attacks by enemy submarines. Alan Brown CATCHER 2 2 & 11 5 & 6 and 15 & 16
Combat Combat is a game in which you pit your wits against the skill and dexterity of the enemy Air Force. You are the Army and your job is to knock out their planes with your anti-aircraft tanks. Microtronix Pty Ltd BEELINE 5 8 12 to 14
Combinations A MicroWorld Basic program that prints out all the combinations of a string. Frank Connell CATCHER 7 6 6
Compat Program to give the Compatibility Analysis between 2 people. Peter Collins CATCHER 3 2 14 & 15
Compic A program to convert .COM files created by BEEARTISTIC into .PIC files as created under BASIC by the GRSAVE command. David Downs CATCHER 4 8 10
Condot A simplified contour plotting algorithm for microcomputers. Kevin Burrows MUGSA 86 5 10 & 11
Continuous Verifier A machine code program to verify 2 or more programs on a tape. J C Dixon AUSBUG 1 5 6 & 7
Convert This program converts Wordbee files into WordStar files. Ken Meadows CATCHER 4 6 12
Crosses This is the original three in a row game of Naughts and Crosses. It can be played with either one player (against the computer) or two players against each other. Lang Stuiver CATCHER 4 4 5 & 6
CTRL-S This program is a small machine language routine that disables the CONTROL S key. Lang Stuiver CATCHER 4 5 9
Cursor This simple utility program is designed to help programmers cnoose cursor shapes and flashing speeds. Seth van Buren CATCHER 5 11 15
Cursor Graph / Table A program to print a Cursor Graph / Table for the Admate CP-80 printer. Andrew Barfoot CATCHER 2 8 13 & 14
Daddy Prints out large Daddy names for Christmas. Uses G Smiths PCG Enlarger program. K O Johnson PROMPT 2 2 12
Data Entry The user friendly methods of getting information into a program, especially for business type applications, is to use a screen based entry form. Colin Rosewell BEELINE 2 5 15 & 16
Data to Multiplan MBASIC program to convert Data files to Multiplan "SYLK" format. Stephen Frawley MUGSA 86 2 16
Date Entry This program demonstrates the use of a date entry subroutine to enter a date in DD/MM/YY format. The date entered is checked, and if it is valid the corresponding day of the week is displayed. Accepts dates from 1900 to 1999. Colin Rosewell BEELINE 1 12 18
Debugging The following procedure is useful for debugging programs in Turbo Pascal. Russell Crosser CATCHER 6 2 14 to 16
Dice Simulation This is not exactly a game; the program simulates rolling a pair of dice a large number of times, and prints out the frequency distribution. You simply input the number of rolls. ? CATCHER 2 1 14
Difference Engine A program to simulate Babbage's Difference Engine'. It will analyse data with equally spaced X values and provide an interpolated or extrapolated value and AN EQUATION that fits the data. Julian Ophel PROMPT 1 11 2 & 3
Digital Oscilloscope This program stores digital signal from the cassette input-plug and draws the waveform. Julian Ophel CATCHER 8 1 12
Dir Sort A Basic program that will sort the disks Directory. Paul Shannon CATCHER 5 10 19 & 20
Directory Pass a disks directory to Basic. The directory listing is used to create a BASIC Menu program and program Execution. ? CATCHER 4 8 6 & 7
Directory Lister Directory Listing program under Turbo Pascal. Russell Crosser CATCHER 6 3 6 & 7
Disk Data Base A disk based Data Base. Steve Ford & John Cruickshanks AUSBUG 2 1 11 to 13
Disknum.c This program will read a file such as MAST.CAT produced by ncat.com, and produce a numerically sorted list of disk names. Written in C. Simon Gerraty CATCHER 5 10 7 to 11
Display Half screen Assembly Language program to display 1/2 the screen only. Andy Hardy AUSBUG 1 1 6
Distance Can calculate the distance between any two points on the earth give the longitude and the latitude. Paul Rigney BEELINE 4 4 5
DOC to Wordstar Converter This program converts an ASCII text file into a Wordstar format file with paragraphs that can be re-formed by
B. The contents of the output file are echoed to the screen.
Stephen Frawley MUGSA 86 11 14
Dodgem An updated version of the DODGEM game supplied on the microbee demonstration tape. It includes colour and joystick control. Raymond Kennington & Ian Florance MUGSA 85 8 10 & 11
Dogem The object of the game is to dodge the trees and reach the bottom of the screen. B Pratt CATCHER 1 7 14
Double Sized VDU These subroutines were written to enable me to emphasize text on the screen by making them double sized (enlarged). Grant Dawson MUGSA 84 12 7 & 8
Downhill Racer A one line BASIC game. Mark Bishop CATCHER 2 6_7 4
Drag Strip You may race against one of your friends or you may race against my dragster. You will be asked to design your own machine, specifying horsepower, rear end ratio (x:1) tire width in inches and tire diameter in feet. ? BEELINE 6 10 13 & 14
Draw a Circle BASIC program to draw a circle Ron Matthes AUSBUG 1 5 3
Draw a Circle BASIC program to draw a circle C Mclaren AUSBUG 1 6 11
Draw a Circle A faster version to draw a circle. Harry Purvis AUSBUG 2 1 14
Drunken Sailor Puzzle The aim of this puzzle is to emulate the problem faced by the unfortunate sailor, except for the flogging. G Hodgson BEELINE 6 11 35 to 38
DTEXT This program produces three lines of enlarged characters on the screen. G. Francis BEELINE 1 11 16
Dungeons and Dragons Dice Here is a little program showing how the RND function can be used to simulate the throw of a dice. Peter Barker BEELINE 4 6 9
Easter This program will find the date on which Easter (Easter Sunday) will fall on. Alan Laughton CATCHER 4 6 17
Easter This program enables you to get a printout at two sizes. The first at the high resolution (a small sticker) and at low resolution, filling the screen. K O Johnson PROMPT 1 7 21
Easter - Update An update to include data for the years 1992, 93 & 94. K O Johnson PROMPT 2 7 18
Echo Memory A game where a series of lights will flash. You must repeat the lights in their proper order. Steam Bug CATCHER 1 5 17 & 18
Edit This routine allows E to be used to access the Edit routine in the BASIC ROMs ver 5.10. Dick Brunton CATCHER 2 4 17
Engine Draws an engine in Hires graphics. Roger Cooper AUSBUG 1 5 14 to 17
Enlarged Text Displays 3 lines of enlarged text on the screen. Geoff Francis AUSBUG 1 3 10
Eprom Burner Program Source code for Tom Moffatt's EPROM burner program as published in ETI January 1984. Modified by Lindsay Swadling, a disk .COM file version for M80 assembler and 56k system. Lindsay Swadling BEELINE 5 7 8 & 9
Eprom programmer Improved software mods for Eprom programmer (ETI 668). Vic Stone and Bill Tait CATCHER 3 2 8 to 12
Error Messages This program demonstrates a method of displaying BASIC error messages on a 17th line to avoid destroying the main display. Bob Abel CATCHER 2 1 18
Explorer Adventure Text Adventure game. Philip Ahrens AUSBUG 1 4 13 to 15
Finding Variables This program gives a listing of all variables used in a program. Alan Sheehan BEELINE 2 6 21
Fipfop The object of this puzzle is to change a row of number's to O's by typing the number corresponding to the position of the letter and one position will change, on others two will change. Dixon Kenney CATCHER 1 12 16 & 17
Flashing Message The following program will allow you to have a message (or any part of it) FLASH on the screen. Northmug CATCHER 3 7 18
Flip-Flop This program, from the Book 101 Basic Computer Games by David Ahl, has been converted to run on the Microbee. Robert Gordon BEELINE 1 10 19
Fluid A Basic program to relate gallons to litres. K O Johnson PROMPT 1 6 & 7 11 & 29
Football Predictions It is designed to produce a pre-game prediction of the weekend's spheroidal joviality. Paul Shannon CATCHER 4 8 11 to 13
Footy Scorer This program will be a boon for those who like to keep track of the scores of their footy. P Foxworthy CATCHER 2 1 15 to 17
Four PCG Characters This program will print out four PCG characters from one set of DATA statements. Colin Tringham BEELINE 1 7 12
Fractals This program draws regular fractals. Three specifications determine the fractals shape. The first is the 'NUMBER OF SIDES', the second you must specify 'INVERSE (Y/N)' and the third factor is the 'NUMBER OF LEVELS (1-4)'. Mark Bishop CATCHER 4 2 3 & 4
Frequesncy Counter A Basic version of om Moffets (ETI July 83) frequency counter. Julian Ophel CATCHER 7 12 6
Fuel Consumption A nice little MWBasic file to check your cars fuel consumption. ? CATCHER 7 3 17
Function Keys A Basic program that enables the 256 TC Function keys to be programmed. Frank Jones CATCHER 6 7 13 & 14
FUNCTNOS A program that provides instructions on how to change a MWB listing to Wordstar file. K O Johnson PROMPT 2 1 21
Garbled Program Rescue BASIC programs can be messed up by weak backup batteries, bad cassette loads or accidentally by the user. This program will search any BASIC program and if an error is found the location in memory of the character is also printed and the screen is scrolled up one line. ? CATCHER 1 2 10
Gobble Can you escape the Gobble monster ? Stuart Dobbie CATCHER 2 2 15 & 16
Goldmine Text Adventure game. Philip Ahrens AUSBUG 2 1 14 & 15
Grafall The routine will graph any sequential data in the range -99999 to 99999, calculating the X & Y scales to make the graph fill most of the screen. Russell Crosser CATCHER 5 1 5 & 6
Grafix A program by Tony Lynch produces very interesting Hires patterns on the screen. This would be a great program to experiment on, using the Random generator seeding technique. Tony Lynch BEELINE 1 10 17
Grafix II This program produces 'Dragon Curves' on the screen. Tony Lynch BEELINE 1 10 21
Graph Enter monthly data and it graphs it for on screen. Edward Johnson AUSBUG 1 5 13
Graph This program will draw a graph to scale for most equations with only two variables. Roy Wilson CATCHER 2 6_7 30 to 32
Graphic Pictures This program generates random graphics pictures in lores by inverting sections of the screen from different directions. P Jepson CATCHER 2 6_7 25
Graphics A Turbo Pascal program for drawing PCG graphics on a Premium bee. Terry Bleazby PROMPT 1 4 25 & 18
Graphics Form Graphics Substitution Program for Forms-printing on a C.Itoh 8510 printer. Stephen Frawley MUGSA 86 11 12 & 13
Graphix1 Exploring graphix on the Bee. Tony Lynch PROMPT 2 6 6
Graphix2 Adapted for the Microbee to produces dragon curves. Claude Pellerin PROMPT 2 6 6
Graphix3 Two dimensional plot program. Hugh Gibson PROMPT 2 8 4 & 5
Graphix4 A very simple illustration of a rectangular block and a pyramid both in isometric format. ? PROMPT 2 8 5
Guess A Turbo Pascal game where the computer thinks of a number between 1 and 100. You have to guess which number. It should only take you seven tries. Gus Brunner MUGSA 85 6 14 to 16
Guess the Age This program will guess the birth month and year of a person from the information taken from their childrens birth certificate. MWB and GBASIC listings. Alan Bushnell PROMPT 1 6 27
Gunner You are the officer in charge of an Army field gun. You must give the gun crew orders, telling them the degrees of elevation that you estimate will enable the gun's shell to hit the target. Ron F.Cole CATCHER 1 10 13 & 14
Guppy's Revenge Using '<' & '>' , make the little dot (you) move to the opposite sides of the screen in the time-limit set, to score bonus points, while dodging the massive molars. A Bednjacic CATCHER 2 10 11 to 13
Halley Predicts Halleys Comet dates between 1946 and 2026. Roger Browne CATCHER 4 4 10 & 11
Hamurabi Try your hand at governing ancient Sumeria for a ten year term of office. ? CATCHER 1 6 12 & 13
Hangman Another game of Hangman. Peter Billing AUSBUG 1 6 21 to 23
Hangman Extensive game of Hangman plus an Editor to create a word list. G S Jones AUSBUG 2 3 - 4 8 to 13
Hangman The game of Hangman in 20 lines of code. Andrew Laughton CATCHER 3 6 22
Happy Birthday Simple program that plays Happy Birthday song. Brian Uren MUGSA 85 5 8
Haunted House A text adventure game. G Moore & M Osborne BEELINE 4 10 7 to 10
Hello A menu-driven file manipulation program that allows the user to erase and rename files, change discs, view GRSAVEd files, load machine language and BASIC files into memory, and add colour to monochrome programs. David Downs CATCHER 5 2 9 to 11
HEX to Decimal This program will allow Hex to Decimal and Decimal to Hex conversion. Rod Egan CATCHER 1 3 12
Hex-Dec This handy program will convert Hex values to Decimal and Vice-Versa. John Snell BEELINE 1 10 17
Hexsum It can ADD & MULTIPLY HEX to total of FFFF and can SUBTRACT & DIVIDE HEX up to FFFF. Doug Stanborough CATCHER 3 7 7 & 8
Home Accounts Maintains records for up to five separate accounts up to a total of 600 transactions. Provides statements and reports on up to 18 categories of transaction. ERATA - See Catcher v1_07 p4 Robin Clipsham CATCHER 1 6 14 to 17
Home Loan Repayments A Basic program that works out what your Home Loan re-payments would be. You enter the interest rate, length of loan and re-payment schedule. Wyne Simes CATCHER 3 10 9 & 10
Indexing a Cassette A program to index a multi-program tape with counter number to make it easy to fast forward to the start of a program to LOAD. Peter T Ford CATCHER 1 4 8
Inflation Keep tabs on inflation and your wage. Steve Ford AUSBUG 2 2 8 to 11
Input A program to limit the length of text input in a Basic program. Lang Stuiver CATCHER 4 3 19
Insertion Sort A routine for an insertion sort and it's just as efficient as the normal bubble sort. Dixon Kenney CATCHER 1 3 13
Instant PCG We have to store our sixteen data values for each PCG character somewhere. The trick is to store it in the first line or lines of your Basic program, use a REM statement in front of it, and the Assembly Language LDIR command to put this information into PCG. Colin Tringham BEELINE 2 11 5
Integer to Hex A machine code program for converting Integer (Decimal) to Hexidecimal. Rod Egan CATCHER 2 12 4
Joystick for Missile Wars This program is for Tape based Microbees to convert the Missle Wars game from keyboard operation to joystick. D Graham CATCHER 5 6 18
Joystick for Space Invaders This program is for Tape based Microbees to convert the Space Invaders game from keyboard operation to joystick. D Graham CATCHER 5 6 17
Joystick Test Program A simple Basic program to test your Joystick. Craig Dewick BEELINE 5 7 16
KaleidoC A small Basic Kaleidoscope program in Colour. Julian Loke CATCHER 6 8 15
Kaleidoscope This program produces patterns on the screen using PCG characters. Colin Tringham BEELINE 1 12 17
Kaleidoscope This program produces some interesting patterns on the screen using PCG characters. Norm Read BEELINE 2 11 17
Karate A simple game where you have to shoot the ship using the <, > and space bar. Richard Voss CATCHER 5 11 21
Keyboard Protection The program can be used whenever you boot up your Computer and when you want to be sure that no-one else is to use the machine while you are away. Colin Tringham BEELINE 5 3 9
Kilobaud Mystery Not a game, just prints out a message. D Kenney CATCHER 1 8 6
King or Queen An extensive game where your goal is to complete your years term. ? BEELINE 6 9 3 to 7
Knight Game This is the winning entry for Chess Moves competition. Alan Burt CATCHER 4 3 7 & 8
Kwikey A program to load into MW BASIC to behave like the Quikey CP/M program. Julian Loke CATCHER 5 7 4 to 7
Label Maker A small program to store and print out Names & Addresses labels. Peter T Ford CATCHER 1 3 8 & 9
Label Mate A program for printing labels for letters, disks, etc. It is set up for a Microbee printer (Admate DT-80) but should work on any of the Epsom '80' style dot-matrix printers. John Maling CATCHER 3 6 10 to 12
Large Character Generator Large Character Generator generates large characters (1" high) in LORES graphics. It also serves to illustrate two techniques, useful in interfacing Machine Language with Microworld Basic. Robin Clipsham CATCHER 1 6 7 & 8
LED Lights Basic program uses the LED flasher circuit to full effect. A Machine Code subroutine is called which displays a duplicate of the output on the screen as well as running the flasher circuit. Simon Carter CATCHER 7 4 5 & 6
Letter Puzzle Will produce an unlimited number of number/letter puzzles similar to those in a popular Sydney newspaper. Colin Tringham BEELINE 1 5 7 & 8
Letter Writer small program to print out a letter line by line on your printer. B Pratt & modified by Peter Ford CATCHER 1 3 11
LGRAPH This program creates LINE graphs. The HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL axies are both labled and the multiplication factor is placed at the top of the vertical axis. C Jenkins CATCHER 4 10 3 & 4
Lgraph Modification of C. Jenkins LGRAPH.MWB program in the Catcher July '86. Julian Ophel PROMPT 1 10 8
Life This program provides a birth and death pattern for groups of cells. Colin Tringham BEELINE 1 6 9 & 10
Life An Assembler version of Life, much quicker than the Basic version. Colin Tringham BEELINE 1 7 8 & 9
Life Simulates cell life & death patterns, converted from 80 Micro magazine. Mark Bishop CATCHER 1 12 13
Light Memory Game This little program yields an interesting memory game, with light and sound. ? BEELINE 1 10 20
Lissajous Pattern Generator A program that will mathematically generate some interesting patterns called 'Lissajous Figures'. Peter Broughton CATCHER 6 4a 11
List Output a BASIC program without line numbers. Stephen Brinkworth AUSBUG 2 3 - 4 26
Loadhex A Basic program that converts a .HEX file to a BASIC program that uses peeks and pokes. Lang Stuiver CATCHER 5 1 13
Loan Repayment Calculator A Turbo Pascal program that calculates the total amount and total interest paid on a reducing balance loan. Paul Shannon CATCHER 5 7 10 to 13
Lores A Turbo Pascal program that sets up PCG and data arrays for LORES graphics. K O'Hare BEELINE 6 9 17 & 18
Lores Demo A fascinating program using Lores graphics. G. Reynen BEELINE 1 11 16
Lores Graphics Codes Prints out a set of LORES graphics with its code number. ? AUSBUG 1 3 9 & 10
Lotto Number Selector Will pick a random set of Lotto numbers. Colin Tringham BEELINE 1 6 12
Lotto Selector A friendly Lotto number selector. Ron Dalton BEELINE 4 4 18 & 19
Lucky Lotto A program to pick 6 numbers for the 38 Pools. Mark De Raad MUGSA 86 5 6
Lunar A solar eclipse prediction program. S Saunders BEELINE 4 10 10 to 13
MAC2EP A Turbo Pascal program to convert MacPaint graphics files to Electric Paintbrush format. Frank Jones CATCHER 8 8 5
Magic Square Competition Winner program that works with Magic Squares. Julian Loke CATCHER 5 7 17
Marquee Demo This program puts a Marquee banner around your program title. To use the Marquee put these lines in your program. Mark Bishop CATCHER 3 4 26
Match A game where you try to remember where the different pictures are located, and you get one point for every MATCH you score. The Computer is your opponent and has a good memory for the last ten pictures selected. Colin Tringham BEELINE 4 2 5 to 8
Mathematics An educational Mathematics exercise. A J Sidaway AUSBUG 2 3 - 4 16 to 19
Maths Program Program to help you with your maths. Mrs Bee AUSBUG 2 2 7
Maze Builder This program randomly generates mazes on the screen for you to escape. Ian Johnstone BEELINE 4 7 14 & 15
Maze1 You are standing on a platform suspended several hundred metres above a teeming jungle. Use the <N>, <S>, <E>, <W> keys to move and <L> to look. Explore the maze for a while, then write your own maze into the data statements at the start of the program. John Quinn CATCHER 4 4 6 & 7
Mazer A program which will print mazes for you to give to someone else to solve. You can define your own maze size. The results print on an Epson / look-alike printer. Walprog CATCHER 3 3 20 to 22
MBASIC Curs MBASIC cursor commands are not exactly easy to use in a program, this programs overcomes that problem. Mark Bishop CATCHER 5 10 13
MBUG Talker Phrases A short MW Basic program to compose words for the MBUG Talker. The program below has a dictionary to save these words and quite a few others. Mark Bishop CATCHER 4 6 3 to 6
Membership List Keeps track of a clubs Membership and is Menu driven. Roy Wilson CATCHER 4 10 15 to 17
Memory Dump Can output a memory dump to your printer. Fred McSkimming BEELINE 1 9 19
Memory Test A simple Memory Test game in Basic. Julian Ophel PROMPT 2 5 5
Mental Arithmetic From the list of digits I give you at the top of the screen, find 3 consecutive digits which can make the target number I give. You may add or multiply the first two, then add or subtract the third to get the target number. C. Tivendale BEELINE 2 9 14 & 15
Menu This BASIC program can be used to create a menu of disk programs. A typical use would be a menu of programs for your games disk. Peter Lazarus CATCHER 4 7 18 to 20
Merge A Basic program to merge 2 MWB programs together. Julian Loke CATCHER 5 8 17
MICROBUG Talker A phrase composer based on the ETI Chatterbox by Tom Moffat but for the SP0256-AL2 and bugs removed. Mark Bishop CATCHER 3 10 8"
Mig This is a program to demonstrate moving PCG graphics on the 'Bee. It places LORES blobs on the screen, which are gradually revealed to show the true PCGs. Simon Carter CATCHER 6 6 17
Mind Reader You think of a number between 1 and 63 and the computer will try to guess it by you answering a few questions. Peter J Smith CATCHER 2 3 and 9 8 to 10 & 16 to 18
Missile A game where you have to blow up your opponents missile silos. Stephen Brinkworth AUSBUG 2 3 - 4 22 & 23
Missile Command Game where you have to destroy the alien fire to protect your city. Ian Hope AUSBUG 2 3 - 4 13 to 15
Missile Maths A nice Maths game with the use of PCG's and Hires graphics. Lang Stuiver CATCHER 3 12 8 to 12
Model Air Radio controlled model aircraft Orientation Trainer. Controls are a joystick. Mark Bishop CATCHER 5 9 14 to 16
Moon Fighter Shoot the space ship while the helicopter drops bombs. ? CATCHER 2 12 16 to 18
Morse Code A morse code practice program. Bob Denton CATCHER 3 8 3 to 5
Mouse.mac A simple mouse driver for Microbee computers and will only work with mouse versions of the Microbee BIOS (Version 9 and above). Ray Han CATCHER 7 3 12 to 14
Mover This program moves all the PCG characters one line at a time to provide smooth vertical movement (upwards). ? BEELINE 2 5 22
Mrs Bee Draws a picture of Mrs Bee. Mrs Bee AUSBUG 2 1 6 & 7
Multi Voice Music The program is a simple demonstration of the multi-voice capabilities of a network of Micro Bees. Works on BeeNet Version 5.1. Paul Shannon CATCHER 4 12 8 & 9
Music I wrote this program to assist in the creation of Music pieces after being infuriated by the time it took to write even the simplest tunes in BASIC. ? CATCHER 6 5 7 & 8
Music Composer Designed to aid the programmer when writing music for the Microbee. Note that there is no delay before repeat takes place due to the method of checking the keyboard buffer. Shaun Baggett BEELINE 2 1 18
Music Maker As the name suggests, a program making music. There are 2 programs, one for tape and one for disk. Lang Stuiver CATCHER 4 1 15 & 16
Musikon An extensive Music program that allows saving and loading to tape. Wayne Moyle CATCHER 2 10 13 to 18
MWB to ASCII A Turbo Pascal program that will convert a MWB Basic file to an ASCII listing. Chris Gibson PROMPT 1 3 23 & 24
Nicad A Nicad battery condition timer for use with analog/digital converter E.A. 7/86 P.98 Mark Bishop CATCHER 6 4a 13 to 15
Notesort A program to rearrange musical notes into order with descending pitch. Julian Ophel CATCHER 7 8 5
Number Conversion This small routine will convert numbers from any Base 10 to any Base 36 or less. Rod Egan BEELINE 1 11 16
Number Conversion This one will convert any integer number less than 32768 from base 10 ( decimal) to its equivalent in any base <= 36 which you require. Dixon Kenney CATCHER 1 3 14
Number Conversion This one will convert any integer number less than 32768 from base 10 ( decimal) to its equivalent in any base <= 36 which you require. Rod Egan CATCHER 1 4 5
Number Squares There are two versions of NUMBER SQUARES. The object of both games is to move the numbers one at a time into the single blankspace until they are in a particular numerical order. G E Barns CATCHER 2 6_7 33 to 36
Numconv This program simply does number conversions. Between Binary, Decimal & Hexadecimal. Simon Gerraty CATCHER 3 6 2 to 4
Optics Will draw Triangle or Rectangle and print it out if your Printer is online. Trevor Hudson CATCHER 4 3 5
Oxo Simple game for the kids. Mrs Bee AUSBUG 1 5 12
Page Scroll allows you to scroll through pages of data. Steve Ford AUSBUG 1 2 12
Parabola Parabola Plotter is a general-purpose program for plotting Parabolas. Most Parabolas are plotted in under 10 seconds. It requires Microworld Disk Basic version 6.30e. Simon Carter CATCHER 7 1 14 to 16
Part Screen Scrolling A sub-routine to scroll a section of the screen. Brian Lewis AUSBUG 1 2 8 & 9
Pascal's Triangle A program of Pascal's triangle with numbers represented by dots - the odd numbers by black dots. Julian Ophel PROMPT 1 9 9
Pattern A one line program which demonstrate some simple Microbee Art. Tony Wilkins BEELINE 2 6 8
Pattern Produces patterns on the Microbee screen. It does this by placing PCG characters on the screen, clearing them and POKEing values into them with a few complicated statements. Simon Carter CATCHER 8 4 9
PCG Demonstration A simple Basic program that demonstrates the use of PCG graphics. K O Johnson PROMPT 1 6 12
Peek & Poke Demonstration on how to use Basics Peek & Poke commands. K O Johnson PROMPT 1 12 25
Peek Pong Simple game of Pong. Tim Buchalka AUSBUG 1 6 19 & 20
Peeking to Hex Converter Convert decimal start & end address to hexadecimal. Fred McSkimming AUSBUG 2 1 7
Perchance To Probe A 'simulation' of the procedure to 'test your mental powers on the probability puzzles' with five questions. Julian Ophel PROMPT 1 7 18
Personal Budget Allows to setup & control your personal home budget. David Mellefont AUSBUG 2 3 - 4 30 to 32
Petrol This program was originally set up to see if a car had become a luxury by calculationg its running costs / kilometre or mile. K O Johnson PROMPT 2 4 10
Pick A Box A fundraising program for fetes, etc. Designed for 20 cent donations. Doug Stanborough CATCHER 3 4 21 to 25
Planets Calculates the Rise, Transit and Set of the planets. S Saunders BEELINE 4 10 13 to 15
Plot a Line Machine code program to draw a line using ROM routines. John Manning AUSBUG 2 2 13 & 14
Plot Curves Program to plot curves using polar co-ordinates. Fred Scott BEELINE 2 6 10
Plotter The program is a routine for plotting data on an X-Y graph. Z H Stachurski CATCHER 2 6_7 26 to 30
Poems This program makes random poems. Peter Collins CATCHER 3 10 18 & 19
Polar and Rectangular Convert between the two. Dillon Fong AUSBUG 2 2 12
Polygons This program will draw any shaped polygon ie. Square, tringle, circle, etc at any position on the screen. Mark Bishop CATCHER 2 2 11
Pool Care A program to set your swimming pool to the correct chemical levels. Lawrie Beales CATCHER 4 3 3 & 4
Prime It generates prime numbers between 1 and 100. Paul Rigney BEELINE 4 5 20
Prime Numbers This program can calculate all prime numbers (a prime number is evenly divisible only by itself and one) up to a maximum of six figures. Graham Coward CATCHER 4 4 3
Prime or Composite A small basic program that will tell you if a given number is a prime or a composite number. Paul Rigney BEELINE 6 10 2
Print Prints a message in Large letters, with assembler language. Stephen Brinkworth AUSBUG 2 3 - 4 27 to 29
Promptad An Advert for Prompt newsletter using Peek & Poke. K O Johnson PROMPT 1 10 12
PRPlot The machine code program PRPLOT converts your printer from a mild mannered letter taper to an amazing 640*65536 point plotter. Capable of 30 function plotting, stylized banner printing, pretty picture drawing and anything else you an think up. Richard Larkin BEELINE 5 3 16
Psychology Test There are 5 short Psychology tests. Each test will be a design and you are to make a picture out of it. Peter Collins CATCHER 3 10 16 & 17
Psychrometer A program to convert readings from a psychrometer to several common measures of humidity. An estimate of the height of the cloud base and temperature at this height is also calculated. Kevin Burrows MUGSA 85 10 11 & 12
Quadratic Equations A program to give the solution to quadratic equations. Roy Wilson CATCHER 2 6_7 32 & 33
Quick A program used to get text quickly onto the screen, from BASIC. Westgate Software CATCHER 4 1 9
Quickshot Game of hitting the target. David Hughes AUSBUG 2 1 9 & 10
Quicksorts This program demonstrates the Quick sort, which is the Fastest of all sorts, you will be asked for 20 numbers to be sorted. Bevan Hay BEELINE 2 8 14 & 15
Racing Program This is not a game but a serious program for the Gambler and is based on ""Multiple Regression"". Elbert van Bommel CATCHER 2 12 9 to 12"
Random Mumblings A program to display rectangular distribution of RND command. Julian Ophel PROMPT 2 2 4 & 9
Random Number Use this program to select your lucky Tattslotto numbers, TAB Cup Sweep numbers or just a random number between 1 and 100. Trevor Hudson CATCHER 3 8 17
Reaction This tests your reaction time, to visual and audible responses. David Rapson MUGSA 85 6 16
Recondat A program to condense a date to 3 ASCII characters for storage and then expand it back. MBASIC listing Alan Bushnell PROMPT 1 7 19
Reflex A game of fast reflexes for 1 or 2 players. Paul Dulfer CATCHER 3 11 7 & 8
Reflexs Test A game to for 1 or 2 players to test your refexes. Paul Dulfer CATCHER 2 12 7 & 8
Relay Microbee Timed Relay Controller, that switches 2 Relays from Pins 5 & 13 on the Parallel Port. Alan Burt CATCHER 6 8 11
Relocator A small assembler program to relocate a program using relative jumps and absolute addressing. Ian Johnstone BEELINE 3 9 6 & 7
Rescue Garbled Basic This program can rescue Basic programs that get corrupted with a Control Character. ? AUSBUG 2 3 - 4 40
Resistive This is a simple program to assist you in the design of resistive attenuator networks. It lists four of the most common types used. Brenton R Jones MUGSA 85 2 4 to 6
Resistor Selector This program finds possible combinations of resistors of the E12 series that will produce a resistance to within a specified tolerance. Julian Loke CATCHER 7 4 12 & 13
Restore Basic A routine to restore a Basic program if you accidentally crash your system. Malcolm Thomas BEELINE 2 10 11
Restore Wordbee A routine to restore a Wordbee Document if you accidentally crash your system. Malcolm Thomas BEELINE 2 10 11 & 12
Reverse This game shows two interesting routines. The first picks an array of random numbers, and ensures none are duplicated. The second routine 'reverses' the required numbers. Colin Tringham BEELINE 1 11 15
Reverse Polish Notation Convert Degrees to Radians, etc. Geoff Francis AUSBUG 2 1 8 & 9
Rolling Message The following program will roll a message of 64 characters or less on a line. The speed of the roll can be alteered to suit the appearence of the message. Northmug CATCHER 3 7 18
Rotate The object of the board game is to set the letters in order by rotating any four letters clockwise one position. ? BEELINE 3 1 12 & 13
Rotate The object of the game is to set the letters in order by rotating any four letters clockwise one position. ? CATCHER 1 9 10 & 11
Rotate The object of the game is to set the letters A to P in order by rotating any 4 letters clockwise one position. ? CATCHER 2 6_7 6 & 7
Salesman A Production Line scheduler program in Basic. Bruce Robinson CATCHER 5 8 5 & 6
SANFL Premiership Ladder Written by P.Foxworthy, it appeared in the Oct '83 THE CATCHER. Has been modified to be used for the SANFL competition, with comments for changing to the VFL competition. Brian Uren MUGSA 85 5 5 to 8
Saving Memory This program segment employs binary numbers to encode responses of the Y/N type, 8 answers per BYTE, instead of one byte per answer. It will considerably reduce memory needs. Dixon Kenney CATCHER 1 9 11
Scalit This is designed to assist model makers in the scaling up or down of working plans. The technique is useful for scaling any shape. Brian Horrocks MUGSA 85 11 8 to 10
Screen Dump Screen dump for the C Itoh 8510 printer. W Blundell AUSBUG 1 5 17
Screen Dump A Screen Dump for the Admate DP-80 printer. Applied Technology BEELINE 2 1 5
Screen Dump A screen dump program vertically or horizontally for the Dick Smith GP-100 printer. Glenn Satchell BEELINE 3 1 7
Screen Dump Provides a rapid screen dump of any Microbee with 64x16 character format to your printer. Alan Burt CATCHER 2 4 14 to 16
Screen Dump A screen dump program for C. ITOH 8510 printer. Matthew Starr CATCHER 2 10 7
Screen Dump This is a screen dump with a new twist. To run it load the program and execute it at its first address and after that any time you put the printer online it will produce a screen dump. This program is good for Microbees with a 64x16 screen format and ONLY with a parallel printer. Bob Denton CATCHER 3 1 11 to 14
Screen Dump Simply load this program under Basic and execute it, load up the program you wish to screen dump, execute it to the point of the dump and then make the printer "Off Line" then "On Line" and printing will commence after a short delay. Bob Denton CATCHER 3 3 16 to 19
Screen Dump This program is a subroutine to print a dot copy of the screen onto a Star Gemini 10X printer (similar to 80 series). It uses double density graphics to print 640 * 264 dots from an 80x24 screen. Russell Lang CATCHER 3 4 16 to 19
Screen Dump A screen dump program for a 64x16 screen featuring DOUBLE height and INVERSE dumps. Alan McLennan CATCHER 5 2 8
Screen Dump A screen dump program for a ITOH 8510 dot matrix printer. ? CMUG - 2 11
Screen Dump Screen Dump program as used by CMUG. CMUG PROMPT 1 4 8
Screen Dump to Tape This program will save any screen display, whether ASCII characters, LORES or HIRES graphics, or PCG characters. Lewis Badham BEELINE 3 2 14 & 15
Screen Master Screen Master is a program that allows you to copy your normal screen onto your hidden screen, copy your hidden screen onto your first screen, and swap the two screens. Making a fast and easy way to store and retrieve a second screen full of information. Wayne Grant BEELINE 1 11 11
Screen Save & Restore Assembler Subroutines for screen save and restore. Harry Purvis BEELINE 1 9 23 to 27
Screen Scroll Partial Screen Scroll program slightly modified version of a program from an early AUSBUG newsletter. ? BEELINE 1 10 21
Scroll This Basic program display a scrolling list within a large 'window'. Beneath it another list is shown one line at a time. Mal Watt MUGSA 85 7 12 to 14
Search for non-match This program s useful if you suspect that your memory is being corrupted by outside influences such as your washing machine, your next door neihbour's arc welder or the local airport radar. Jim Lobley CATCHER 2 2 7 & 8
Selective Directory Give a selective directory of files on floppy within Basic. This version for 6.28e BASIC only. Peter Burbidge CATCHER 5 9 5
Selfish Portraiture A program that would reproduce itself in the form that LIST in BASIC would display it. Julian Ophel PROMPT 2 1 9 & 19
Serial Capture Program to capture readings from an instrument transmitting continuous information at 300 baud with short pauses between groups of data. Fred Scott BEELINE 3 11 14
Servo Controller The program for a MicroBee servo controller that uses bit7 of the parallel port. Paul Bridges CATCHER 5 1 8 to 10
Setpic This program in MBASIC is for those who do not have the .COM file to set up their printer to print the many .PICS that are on the BBs. Alan Laughton CATCHER 4 11 5
Shape Maker A graphics programs draws various shapes on the screen, and is a particularly good example of passing variables in a subroutine. John Snell BEELINE 1 10 18
Shoot A simple game where you have to shoot the ship using the <, > and space bar. Richard Voss CATCHER 5 11 20
Shooting Gallery Your gun is loaded with 20 shots and you have to hit the little man to win. ? BEELINE 6 11 33 & 34
Sketch Allows you to draw pictures on the screen using the keyboard. John Manning AUSBUG 1 3 12, 13 & 14
Sketch This program is designed to demonstrate how you can check if more than one key is held down on a Microbee and will draw interesting symmetrical patterns on the screen. Richard Larkin BEELINE 4 2 9
Slalome Skiing Ski down the mountain picking slope & speed. Joystick can also be used. J David Morrison BEELINE 6 11 39 & 40
Snake Simple Viper type game. M Garland AUSBUG 1 4 12
Snake A colour version of a SNAKE type game with a machine language routine embedded in the first line to give it lots of speed. Norm Read BEELINE 2 12 15 & 16
Snake Another Snake (Viper type) game. Bruce Robertson BEELINE 3 10 12 & 13
Sort This program will sort up to 2000 items into ASCII order -Fairly quickly. It takes about 3 seconds to sort 400 items. Bruce Robinson CATCHER 5 1 4
Sort of This is a demonstration of various sorting methods, including Bubble, modified Bubble, Bi-directional Bubble, Insertion, Shell's and Quicksort. Julian Ophel PROMPT 2 3 5 & 6
Sorting in Basic A program which demonstrates the various kinds of sorts which can be done using BASIC. Julian Ophel CATCHER 2 1 12 to 14
Sorts A demonstration of the fast SHELL-METZNER Sort. MBASIC listing. Ilmar Belts PROMPT 1 9 12
Sound Effects Demo of some sound effects for the bee. Ian Hope AUSBUG 2 2 13
Sound Effects Demo of Explosion sound. Ian Hope AUSBUG 2 3 - 4 15
Sound Effects A routine for making different sounds from your bee. Mark Bishop CATCHER 1 9 4
Soundex The Soundex code was first used in the 1890 U.S. census, as a means of coding inexact data - to deal with the names of semi- and illiterate people. It works by encoding names or similar data as a sequence of one letter and three digits, with truncation or zero padding as necessary. Michael Ingall CATCHER 6 7 10 & 11
Space Adventure This is a text based Star Trek Adventure of Klingons v's you the Enterprise. Peter Collins CATCHER 3 11 17 & 18
Space Patrol A Basic game, space bar to jump, F to fire. ? CATCHER 3 10 11 & 17
Space Wars A space game where your mission is to destroy the DEATH STAR. S Saunders BEELINE 4 10 15 to 20
Speech Synthesiser A small assembler program that can generate speech and save it to tape. Rod Egan CATCHER 1 2 3 & 4
Spellbound You must try and catch a Magic Spell as it moves at random about a playing area. G E Barns CATCHER 2 11 16 to 18
Sphere A small listing to draw a ball/sphere on the screen. Warren Wilson CATCHER 4 1 4
Spiral Graphics A program for producing either Linera or Point Spiral designs. Ron F.Cole CATCHER 1 11 9
Split A program that modifies BASIC so that only a specified number of lines of the screen scroll, while the top half remains. Simon Carter CATCHER 7 6 13
Square This programs draws random shapes on the screen which can then be dumped to a printer. George Gardoz CATCHER 6 9 13
Square Game The object of this game is to light up all the dots in the outside cubes, keeping the centre cube dot OFF. Chuck Kanach CATCHER 2 6_7 18 to 20
Square Pix A games for 2. You pick a spot on the square grid and try to match the number there (1-9) with your second choice. First with 5 pairs wins. Colin Tringham BEELINE 1 3 17
Star 4 You are the spaceship at the top of the screen and it is your job to safely guide it through the dreaded asteroid belt. Denis Crowdy BEELINE 6 11 32 & 33
Stock Market The object of this game is to make more money than your opponent. This is done by buying and selling stocks for a profit. Peter Collins CATCHER 4 3 14 to 16
String Draws and prints strings. Richard Larkin BEELINE 5 3 18
String Flasher A short program that gives you a 'FLASHING EFFECT' when strings are printed on the screen in your MBASIC program. R T Lim CATCHER 3 1 6
Sunrise Works out the Sunrise & Sunset times when you enter your towns Latitude & Longatude. Or just select Melbourne. John Button CATCHER 5 5 12
Superposition This program allows you to superimpose sine waves and observe the results graphically. John Kondogonis CATCHER 4 4 13 & 14
Swap Control Keys The "Wordstar" cursor control keys could be used from within a basic program by swapping <CTRL><S> to <CTRL><A> and vice versa. Doug Bax MUGSA 86 7 13
SW-CPM This file in MBASIC will convert SIMPLY WRITE files to WORDSTAR files. Stephen Frawley CATCHER 5 6 6
Synonyms This is an exercise in synonyms. In this program, I will give you a word and you will give one to me that is the same in meaning (that is, a synonym). Alan Laughton CATCHER 4 4 15 to 17
Talkface This program simulates a talking face when used in conjunction with Bee Talker. Paul Shannon CATCHER 7 3 9
Tape Catalogue A program that will list all the titles and program types on a cassette tape, to your printer. Mark Bishop CATCHER 2 4 2
Tape Copying A machine code program allows the MicroBee to act as an audio signal processor for 'audio' copying of cassettes. Depending on the quality of the two cassette recorders used, this routine will improve the signal that is re-recorded. It will also allow 'copying' of protected tapes for back-up purposes (only). Rod Egan CATCHER 1 8 14
Tape Directory This program is designed to give a neat, accurate listing to printer of all information contained in program headers - the file name, file type, start address, (calculated) end address, file length, execute address, tape speed flag, auto start flag and spare byte (often used in protecting programs). Alan Burt CATCHER 2 5 4 to 7"
Tattslotto Selector A program that randomly selects a hopefully winning set of Tattslotto numbers. ? CATCHER 1 5 9
Tax Program to calculate taxes! Tax scales (levels) and rates used are as of June 1986. David Rapson MUGSA 86 8 16
Tax Computation Work out your Tax return on the Microbee. John Cruickshanks AUSBUG 1 6 16 & 17
Telephone Directory This program is a telephone directory program for ROM based BEE's. The program allows the user to enter telephone subscriber records to a directory and save them to tape. Joe Goldburg CATCHER 5 3 6 to 9
Temperature Comparisons A small Basic program is to enable temperatures to be seen in relationship with each other. K O Johnson PROMPT 1 7 20
Tennis A game of Tennis, adapted from a TRS-80 program. ? BEELINE 1 9 21
Tennis It is a game for 2 players, with one player using the Q and Z keys to move their bat and the other using P and >. The winner is the first to score 21. P Wade & modified by Rod Egan CATCHER 1 5 8 & 9
Tennis This program will simulate a singles tennis match. Peter Collins CATCHER 3 2 16 to 18
Termite Termite is a game of memory and at the higher level, a game of tactics. G E Barns & B M Barns CATCHER 2 5 16 to 20
Text Typer A letter writer using the MicroBee with a GP80 printer to print text, with an 80 character line at a time. Bob Abel CATCHER 1 8 17
Text-PCG This program will read a text file picture and generate a pcg picture, and save it to disk using the GRSAVE instruction. D Hadkins CATCHER 5 5 14
Three Reel Bandit A simulation of a multi-coin Poker Machine, the reels convincingly spin and usually you win! You start with $20. C T PROMPT 1 2 29 & 30
Tic-Tac-Toe Play Naughts and Crosses against the computer. Peter Collins CATCHER 3 9 3 & 4
Time An Assembler program to display the current time and date from CP/M. It was written for the Microbee Real Time Clock kit, using a Motorola 146818 RTC chip. Glenn Satchell BEELINE 5 1 5 to 7
Time A Turbo Pascal program to display the current time and date from CP/M. It was written for the Microbee Real Time Clock kit, using a Motorola 146818 RTC chip. Glenn Satchell BEELINE 5 2 12 to 16
Timer Astable multivibrator with the NE-555. This program calculates the resistance and the capacitor values in some different schemes. Translated from Dutch. Joe Schramp CATCHER 4 1 19 & 20
Timer A Timer Program for charging/discharging Ni-Cad Batteries. Terry Nunn PROMPT 1 10 22
Times Square Program turns the Microbee into a point-of-information display unit capable of displaying any number of messages in a continuous running sequence. Edmund W Fong AUSBUG 2 3 - 4 4 & 5
Timetable This is a program that produces hard-copy school timetables. The inbuilt screen dump utility is for a Premium 'bee but can be replaced. ? CATCHER 6 4a 16 & 17
Title Large Letters You only need about twelve PCG characters to form building blocks for most of the alphabet in large format. With this Basic program your can see the effect! Colin Tringham BEELINE 3 11 5 & 6
Toggle Keys This program toggles the keys ON or OFF. Assembler listing. E. van Bommel PROMPT 2 10 16
Towers of Hanoi A Turbo Pascal listing of the Towers of Hanoi puzzle game that uses a recursive method to solve what appears to be a complex problem. Russell Crosser CATCHER 8 9 12 & 13
Township Distance Chart This program prints a chart of distances between South Australian townships. Mal Watt MUGSA 85 10 15
Trace Trace a BASIC 5.1 program. Stephen Brinkworth AUSBUG 2 3 - 4 24 to 26
Transistor Characteristics A simple program which graphically demonstrates the operation of a PNP Transistor. C Jenkins CATCHER 1 12 18
Trapezium A simple program shows BASIC as an illustrator and a calculator, it uses Microbee Basic MWB with Hires HIGH RESOLUTION Graphics and the PLOT command to plot lines. K O Johnson PROMPT 1 1 12
Treasure Hunt Simple Adventure game for the kids. Mrs Bee AUSBUG 1 4 10 & 11
Triangle Marker The object of the game is to remove as many of the Markers as possible by jumping over one adjacent Marker along a straight line to a vacant Cell. The jumped Marker is removed from the Board. All Markers but one can be removed in this manner with the goal being to end with one remaining. Bob Burt CATCHER 1 12 3 to 5
Trig A program to produce one trig ratio can be simply applied to find any other trig ratio. Julian Ophel PROMPT 1 12 21
Troll's Curse A tutorial Adventure that will be built up over the next few issues. John Maling BEELINE 4 5 19 & 20
Trymusic Another music writing/playing Basic program. ? CATCHER 6 11 17
Tunnels Two small Basic graphics programs for a Premium 'bee. Simon Carter CATCHER 7 10 7
Two Screen Driver BASIC program for displaying 1 of 2 screens and copying between them. Andy Hardy AUSBUG 1 1 7 & 8
Two Screen Driver - Demonstration Demo on how to use the program. Andy Hardy AUSBUG 1 2 11
Two-up Interesting reflections on the BASIC game of Two-Up. Julian Ophel PROMPT 5 2 9
Typing Practice An assembler program for basic Typing practice. Ian Johnstone BEELINE 3 9 8 to 10
uBug Logo PCG program to draw the old 'bee logo on the screen. Roy Wilson CATCHER 1 8 5
Universal Hex Poker This program takes hex codes, convert to decimal numbers and poke into memory. H. Gibson CMUG - 2 3
Universal Hex Poker In BASIC, the hex codes have to be converted to decimal numbers, and poked into memory starting from location 0000H. This program will perform the task. H Gibson CATCHER 2 1 8
User Area A Turbo Pascal utility to Indicate which User areas on the currently logged disc are occupied. Robert A Smith CATCHER 5 11 12 to 14
UTEST Utility program to aid in adjusting a tape recorder to operate reliably at 1200 baud. Fred Scott BEELINE 2 5 18
Victorian Towns A cryptic quiz on Victorian towns. Alan Laughton CATCHER 4 5 5 & 6
Victorian Towns 2 Another cryptic quiz on Victorian towns. Alan Laughton CATCHER 4 6 18
Video A program for drawing Hires & Lores graphics and saving as a GRSAVE file. Lang Stuiver CATCHER 4 1 4 & 14
Video Save A subroutine to keep instructions or headings at the top of your screen display, while printing or inputing data. Mark Bishop CATCHER 1 9 17
Water Metre This is a small Turbo Pascal program, that allows you to monitor your household water consumption. Geoff Streeter BEELINE 6 11 5 & 6
What Day Is It? A Turbo Pascal program for computing the day of the week. It's advantage is it's small size and lack of tables. It takes leap years into account. Harry Purvis BEELINE 6 11 15
What Day of Year is it? A Turbo Pascal program for computing the day of the year. It's advantage is it's small size and lack of tables. It takes leap years into account. Harry Purvis BEELINE 6 11 16
Who Am I A program to test what machine the program is running on. Warren Saillard BEELINE 5 9 3
Wonder Wonder is a simple LORES graphic program. If you keep your finger on the C key it will give you the illusion of HYPERSPACE. Damien Barnard MUGSA 85 9 15
Word Printing Overcomes printing problem where words are split between two lines. Peter Billing AUSBUG 2 2 15
Word Program Game where you guess where the wrong word is. Mrs Bee AUSBUG 2 2 5 & 6
Word Puzzle This program will print a word puzzle where you can enter up to 50 words which may be up to 18 letters long. Graham Coward CATCHER 4 11 3 to 5
Wordbee File Converter A Turbo Pascal program written for people who have a disk system and use Wordbee as their Editor. Wordbee has the advantage of allowing you to use all of your printer's escape codes. Steven Jepson CATCHER 3 5 14 to 16
Wordbee Marker The purpose of the Marker Program is to enable individual words, phrases or blocks of text to be highlighted when W'bee text is printed out - either by putting that part of the text in ITALICS, or EMPHASIZED (BOLDFACE), EXPANDED or COMPRESSED print. Arthur Solomon CATCHER 5 9 9 & 10
Wordbee to Wordstar Program to convert Wordbee files to a Wordstar usable format. ? BEELINE 7 11 18
Wordbee to Wordstar Prepares a WORDBEE text file for transmission to computers using a different format. A Line Feed is inserted after each Carriage Return and a <CTRL> Z is put at the end of the text. A McLennan CATCHER 3 7 13 to 15
Wordbee to Wordstar A batch processing program to convert many Wordbee files to Wordstar format. Eric Burrie PROMPT 2 6 2 & 3
Wordstar Date Patch This will allow printing the date in xx/xx/xx format when used with the Microbee 146818 RTC kit. Darren Breeze CATCHER 4 11 14 & 15
Wordstar to ASCII This is designed to convert a Wordstar file into an ASCII text file. Eric Burrie PROMPT 2 5 21
Worms This a two player game, in which each player controls a Worm which he guides around the screen. Tim Docker BEELINE 1 9 20
XREFMWB This disk utility will compile a cross reference table of a Microbee program written in Microworld Basic (MW BASIC). It is very useful when trying to understand the logic of someone else's program or your own ! Mark Bishop CATCHER 4 7 14 to 16
Z80 Extra Instructions A Basic program to test if your Z80 has the extra hidden instructions available. Mark Bishop CATCHER 3 9 7 to 9