Registrations and accounts

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Registrations and accounts

Postby admin » Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:51 pm

Forum accounts
To register a forum account with the MSPP and to view the policy (must not be logged in) click on this link: Registering an account

Newly registered accounts must be activated by an Administrator, this will normally happen within 24 hours if the registration policy has been complied with. Failure to comply with the policy will mean that NO account will be created. If your account is not approved then re-read the registration policy to see why. We do NOT contact newly registered users if they are not approved.

Registered members must have their first post approved before being placed into the fully 'Registered users' group. After this, posting will not require further approval. An email will be sent to the moderators alerting them that a post requires approval and it will usually be attended to promptly within an hour or so depending on the time of day.

Your first post needs to be worthy of approval as the moderators need to obtain some idea that you're human and not a Spam bot. You may post in one of the regular forums or decide to introduce yourself in the 'New members introductions' forum (the later being preferred).

Guest users are able to view the 'Information and News' and 'Main' forums but can not post to any forums, and do not have access to the site search or members lists.

Newly registered and fully registered users are able to view and post to the 'Main' and 'Members only' forums.

Gallery accounts
The MSPP hosts a photo gallery and is accessible by the public (read only). MSPP registered members may apply to have a gallery account. More information can be found here The MSPP Gallery if logged into the forum.

Wiki accounts
The MSPP hosts it's own Wiki pages MSPP Wiki and is accessible by the public. MSPP registered members may apply to have a Wiki editing account but these will only be approved for fully trusted members.

Repository accounts
The only accounts are for administration purposes and are only given to approved MSPP members. The files in the 'public' repository are accessible by all. To gain access to the other repositories requires an approved forum account and agreeing to the policies as defined in: MSPP repositories (must be logged in to view).
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