uBee512 6.0.0 released!

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uBee512 6.0.0 released!

Postby uBee » Mon Feb 13, 2017 6:48 pm

uBee512 v6.0.0

An emulator for the Microbee Z80 ROM, FDD and HDD based microcomputers.

This release while not having much in the way of new additions has seen some major changes under the hood to improve the OpenGL video rendering, these changes were submitted by our member Workerbee.

The Microbee 4:3 aspect ratio in full screen or in a maximised window is now preserved. The 4:3 ratio was lost when wide screen monitors became common place but this new release fixes that. Also there has been improvements in the OpenGL code generally that makes it less CPU intensive and the result of this is cleaner sound.

There has been much testing on this release to make sure it will work under Windows XP and Raspberry Pi platforms. No testing has been made under the Mac OSX system.

New for this release:
* In full screen OpenGL mode, preserve the MicroBee display's 4:3 aspect ratio (especially on wide-screen 16:9 monitors)

* Revise video output to only redraw those parts of the screen that have changed, improving emulator performance.
* Changes made to 'keystd.c' to lower 'stopshift' and 'makeshift' values to work in Early Word (earlier version).
* Windows binary packages now ships with SDL-1.2.15 (final) DLL which replaces the older SDL-1.2.14 version. The SDL (Windows) changelog is here: https://www.libsdl.org/release/changes-1.2.html

* LibDsk build for Linux was using wrong build prefix so was being built against an older LibDsk build. Should now be LibDsk-1.4.2
* In memmap.c comment out the printf("file=...") line in sram_load().
* Fixed sram_save() in memmap.c to ignore an open new file error, now it only warns if using verbose mode.

Download here
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