uBee512 5.8.0 released!

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uBee512 5.8.0 released!

Postby uBee » Fri Dec 16, 2016 6:55 pm

uBee512 v5.8.0

An emulator for the Microbee Z80 ROM, FDD and HDD based microcomputers.

New for this release:
* Added --cpm3 option for use with LibDsk's RCPMFS type.
* Added detection for LibDsk's 'rcpmfs' type. If detected and a common Microbee format is also in use then reverse skewing is employed. This allows a host directory to behave like a disk image.
* Added optional SRAM battery backup emulation for all ROM based and the 56k models. The backups are saved to the new 'sram' directory. Each model emulated has it's own unique backup file.
* Added --sram-backup option to enable/disable battery backup emulation.
* Added --sram-file option to specify an alternative CMOS file to use.
* Added --sram-load option to enable/disable loading CMOS RAM.
* Added --sram-save option to enable/disable saving CMOS RAM.
* Enable OpenGL support for armv7l (in Raspian Feb 2016).
* Added usage information to README for RCPMS and SRAM Battery Backup.

* Compiled up against the LibDsk-1.4.2 library. See the LibDsk ChangeLog.
* Added commented out --sram-backup=off option in 'ubee512rc.sample' to disable the new battery backup emulation.
* Added 'rcpm-dsxx' and 'rcpm-ss80' macros to 'ubee512rc.sample'
* Major changes in 'ubee512rc.sample' for ROM and 56k model macros to use unique SRAM backup file names for each macro.

* Fixed Makefile 'r' permissions for Unices installs.
* Fixed a warning in 'options.c' concerning 'int x'.
* Fixed a minor bug in crtc.c.
* Fixed 'roms.alias.sample' to closely target various ROM based models.

Download here
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Re: uBee512 5.8.0 released!

Postby uBee » Sat Dec 24, 2016 5:09 pm

If using the new SRAM battery backup feature under a Windows system and using the default location for ram files you must either install the complete package 5.8.0 from the ZIP file or use the EXE installer otherwise if just updating the ubee512.exe to 5.8.0 the required new 'sram' directory will not exist and will cause an error on exit and no saving of the SRAM state. You must create the directory yourself in the later case.
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