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First powerup76 views
Floppyio163 viewsThe house for Floppyio1
92 viewsPossibly the smallest real hard disk used with a microbee compatible system circa 2003.
It ran CP/m and it ran well. Very well.
It was used because it provided superior performance and flexibility over MMC, SD card and CompactFlash at the time.
Keyswitch final stage (1/2)81 views
Keyswitch final stage (2/2)90 views
Initial Screen Issue67 viewsDistortion of the screen on startup can be fixed staring and stopping a program like transfer.com, then it returns to normal.
All 64 key switches finished98 views
pbuff 3.2 rev E inside layout with C2P1 daughter board77 viewsthis is the layout I used in my pbuff 3.2 rev E. note there are several main parts missing. no transformer, no Z80 CPU. this will be reinstalled into a new standard plastic case during the restore. the layout will be rotated 90 deg clockwise like the original and the centronics plugs will be flipped upside down to remove the twist in the ribbon inside the case. a db25 will be added for the output instead of directly running the ribbon out between the centronics plugs on the back panel,

Last additions
4 viewsTwo days in Hydrogen Peroxide with UV exposure.May 12, 2017
3 viewsTwo days in NappiSan with UV exposure.May 12, 2017
External Hard Drive Microbee style19 viewsExternal removable CF card storage of 4 x 5MB when plugged into the Premiums 50way expansion port. Fully self contained powered from the 50 way itself.Mar 26, 2017
Remade CF Board16 viewsRemade CF interface board to both fit into the box and to neaten up the rats nest.Mar 26, 2017
50 Way CF circuit diagram15 views50 Way CF circuit diagramMar 22, 2017
50 way adapter plugged laid over Coreboard16 views50 way adapter plugged laid over CoreboardMar 22, 2017
50 way adapter plugged in underside12 views50 way adapter plugged in undersideMar 22, 2017
50 way wiring of topside13 viewspoint to point wiring of topsideMar 22, 2017