Microbee-MSPP Photo Gallery

Photos of Microbee and other vintage Australian microcomputers

Floppyio fitted to standard Microbee floppy case. Case upside down.387 viewsOriginal power supply to left. A: is 5.25" 40tr drive, B: is 3.5" is 80tr 1.44mb floppy.
Floppyio mounted within Floppy case. Cable removed from socket for better picture.212 viewsThe blue Serial plug to right is a Serial to USB cable. Used for re-flashing only. USB to left is for data.
Front of Floppyio showing the 2 drives a 5.25" & 3.5"147 viewsThe 2 USB cables come out the front in the slot that the normal 34 wire cable would come.
Back of Floppyio showing Power plug & switch as well as Floppyio programming switch.156 viewsWhen the board needs to be reflashed, my switch needs to be down.
My small Dell Netbook plugged into the Floppyio unit214 viewsLight, compact and easily transported.
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