Microbee-MSPP Photo Gallery

Photos of Microbee and other vintage Australian microcomputers

50 Way Expansion Board87 views50 Way Expansion Board
Alpha Plus External Keyboard Connector70 viewsThis is the connector for hooking up an external passive keyboard to Premium Series microbees.
Alpha Plus Keyboard Label61 viewsThis label was unearthed at a microbee archeological dig.
It all looks Chinese to me!
Smallest Bee Keyboard?72 viewsA replacement Bee keyboard prototype.
Just the Enter Key with stabilising hardware.
A minute change for a major improvement82 viewsThis keyboard has the correct typewriter stagger and I bet you didn't even notice it!
"Let your fingers do the walking!"

Yet another bee without its top cover.
Microbee Decals64 viewsA range of Aluminium Microbee Decals
A BIGVDU Cassette64 viewsThis is a large font and driver for both S100 and microbee systems for high visibility.
It was used by the visually impaired and for high visibility displays.
Cherry Picker71 viewsChoose one to suit your taste!
Deformed Keyboard Donut65 viewsHere is an unusually deformed Keyboard Donut.
Alpha Plus with DS12887 RTC64 viewsAn Alpha Plus (Premium Series) with DS12887 RTC
A Gamma Killer in just two ICs! (Circa 1988)83 viewsThis is someone's evaluation and demonstration board of a total 68000 system with up to 768 x 560 screen resolution in 16 colours per pixel (and 256 colours per pixel at lower resolutions).
Consists of 512K DRAM, 128K ROM including fancy features such as Frame Grabbing, Genlocking, and Fast Blitter!
Moisture Monitoring Card69 viewsSMD Moisture Monitoring Card
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