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Microbee 56k/64k


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Gotek Setup


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Compact Flash Project


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Random files - sscopel's Gallery
56k/64k Mainboard62 viewsMainboard of the possible 64k unit with screen waves
Gotek drive setup with Premium 128k50 viewsThe Gotek drive had 8 different disk images that were converted from DSK format and all worked perfectly.
Video diodes and resistors65 views56k Mainboard closeup of video diodes and resistors
My 8-bit Setup58 viewsMy working 8-bit CF setup.
Old Floppy 360kb unit pic 279 viewsThis unit wouldn't work initially due to lack of a fuse.
Coreboard 56k64 viewsCore board of the 56k, possibly 64k unit
Gotek drive attached45 viewsThe Gotek drive with the 34pin data ribbon and powered by switching psu.
Old Floppy 360kb unit pic 170 viewsFloppy unit with it's own power supply and a 34 pin to 50 pin converter board underneath the drive.

Last additions - sscopel's Gallery
Initial Screen Issue63 viewsDistortion of the screen on startup can be fixed staring and stopping a program like transfer.com, then it returns to normal.Jun 09, 2016
My 8-bit Setup58 viewsMy working 8-bit CF setup. Jun 09, 2016
The best game of all - Kingtut47 viewsI had to try this classic out in the list of images in the arsenal.May 10, 2016
Gotek install closeup47 viewsThe Gotek drive fits very snuggly into the 3.5" drive slot, allowing removal of the A: which had no faceplate and replaced with something much nicer.May 10, 2016
Hoardes of the Deep Realm47 viewsI had to try this disk out, worked well - was the v1.1May 10, 2016
Gotek Installed running Premium 128k Master SS8045 viewsInstalled the Gotek into a proper unit and loaded about 40 disk images - this pic showing Premium 128k SS80 Master.May 10, 2016
The final link in the chain46 viewsSuch a cheap piece of equipment to make life so much easier - the USB 2.0 to TTL UART Module 5Pin CP2102 Serial Converter Board @ $3.99 May 03, 2016
Connection for flashing46 viewsThis was the general setup for flashing the Gotek drive. Following this the grey and white cables are removed as well as the paper clip connection and almost there.May 03, 2016