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Microbee Software Preservation Project (MSPP)

The MSPP is made up of a community of Microbee microcomputer users to help preserve software and documentation for this Australian microcomputer from the 1980s era.  The site also supports other Vintage Australian microcomputers.

The MSPP feels it is important to preserve this old technology for future generations and to enable members to relive fond memories from the past.

The emphasis is to involve the community in archiving what they have or donating/lending software and documentation so that it can be archived by certain members of the MSPP.  We will endeavor to make the archive as complete as possible with the help of the community and to share it with the Vintage and Microbee microcomputer community.

The MSPP will also serve as a meeting place for interested members to share their computer experiences with other interested members,  this will be provided by way of a forum.  Members will also be able to share their Microbee related projects and files with others.

The Microbee Software Preservation Project (MSPP) is a non-commercial and non-profit based project.

The Microbee MSPP public repository and Gallery do not require any registrations or logins to access,  the public section of the Repository is used to host members projects and files that they wish to make public.

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